Eddie 'The Beast' Hall's insane 10,000 calorie diet

May 27, 2016

People always ask me how much I eat and how many calories I have to get in to be as big as I am. So I thought I would get this down on paper for anyone interested! Here is an average day for me - easily over 10,000 calories. Kids... Don't try this at home!

First meal of the day.
2 scoops Dynamix gain with 700ml full fat organic milk to wash down all my vitamins.

Cup of green tea with a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil mixed in.

Meal 2:
Full English breakfast cooked/fried in coconut oil. 75g of oats with full fat organic milk and honey, 450g organic yoghurt.
Natural nut bar 45g.
4 pieces of fruit, banana, peach, plum and a kiwi.
1 Actimel.
1 litre cranberry juice with 2 scoops of micronised BCAA's.

Meal 3:
2 scoops Dynamix lean & 700ml full fat organic milk. 50g almonds.

Meal 4:
500g Angus mince beef & 300g pasta on a bed of spinach and raw olive oil.
Gu pudding
Washed down with micronised BCAA's

Meal 5 (pre gym):
Tuna, steak, mayo and cheesepita bread.
1 banana and 1 apple.
8 pieces of flapjack
1 Bottle of Lucozade

Meal 6 (during training):
2 litres of cranberry juice mixed with 4 scoops Dynamo BCAA's.
1 litre of Guernsey milk with 1 scoop Dynamix lean and 1 scoop Dynamix gain.
1 litre of coconut water.
Tablets:- BCAA's, creatine, vitamins, test booster, CLA's.

Meal 7:
350g fillet steak and 400g fried chips, chips are fried in coconut oil. Cucumber, olives, onions, cabbage and gherkin.
Washed down with micronised BCAA's with cordial and mineral water.

Meal 8:
Take to bed drink and snack to be consumed through the night.
Innocent antioxidant smoothy, the almighty Dynabar and a few zma's.

This was an all-round good day of eating and drinking for me, easily 10,000 calories and around 400g of protein. Yes, my food costs me a lot but end of the day I'm a professional and no matter what the cost is my body is my job and I will treat it like a race-car.

Would you put shit fuel in a race-car and expect it to run well?! No, so don't get the second grade tuna and cheap products from second grade manufacturers


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