Here at Alpha Designs we have recently launched the world’s first antimicrobial protein shaker, the Alpha Bottle V2. The Alpha Bottle V2 features a silicone seal that ensures the Alpha Bottle is 100% leak-proof under normal usage conditions when the shaker is constructed in the correct manner and both lids are fully secure. The rounded internal base prevents powders from sticking and makes the Alpha Bottle easy to clean. The Alpha Bottle V2 is available in both 750ml and 1000ml capacities, making them perfect for intra-workout drinks and bigger post-workout shakes.


Since shaker bottles can often be stored amongst other gym kit, including sweaty clothes and equipment, hygiene has been a key focus area for Alpha Designs.  Working closely with BioCote®, the Alpha Designs team have integrated anti-bacterial technology throughout the Alpha Bottle V2's material.  This helps to prevent bad odours from bacteria and mould growth, and it helps to prevent the bottle from becoming stained and degraded over time.  With shaker bottles being a key item in any gym kit, the Alpha Bottle delivers ultimate hygiene and provides a reliable, leak-proof source of hydration.




To read more about BioCote® Technology please click HERE.