Alpha Bottle Features

August 19, 2015

Every aspect of the Alpha Bottle has been meticulously designed to fit into your hectic lifestyle. The Alpha Bottle was created to address the major flaws of other shakers and bottles.

  • ‘My shaker always leaks’ The Alpha Bottle’s silicone seal makes it 100% leak proof..
  • ‘My shaker is hard to clean which makes it smell’ The Alpha Bottle has no internal corners so no protein powder can get stuck – no scrubbing required.
  • ‘My flip-lid opened in my bag and now my clothes are covered in my shake’ The Alpha Bottle has a screw cap, even when dropped the Alpha Bottle remains sealed. Transport your drinks in total confidence.
  • ‘My Shaker is too big to fit in my car cup holder’ The Alpha Bottle is designed to fit into the majority of cup holders while maximising the volume of the cup.
  • ‘My shake is lumpy.’ The 3-D mixing grid has been designed to ensure your shake is smooth and lump free.

Features & Benefits


  • Shape:

    The Alpha Bottle has been ergonomically designed, featuring textured grips and a recessed profile to comfortably fit any hand. The 800ml capacity makes the Alpha Bottle the perfect choice for pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout drinks.

  • Screw lids

    The Alpha Bottle is fitted with a screw cap instead of the traditional flip lid. This feature has been chosen as traditional shaker bottles can easily open when they are dropped or whilst being transported, especially inside your gym bag.

  • Bottle features

    The Alpha Bottle has easy-to-read, embossed ml/OZ measurements from 100ml to 700ml, which will not degrade with prolonged use.

  • Grid

    The mixing grid is easy to clean unlike traditional bottle sieves with fine holes. A quick rinse will clean the grid every time. The 3-D design has a large surface area that breaks up powders and ensures a smooth, lump free mix every time.

  • Silicone 'Alpha Seal'

    The Alpha Bottle is fitted with a food safe silicone ‘Alpha Seal’ which makes The Alpha Bottle 100% leak proof *. The ‘Alpha Seal’ features a tab which allows the seal to be easily removed and replaced for easy cleaning.

  • Round internal base

    The Alpha Bottle features a curved internal base. One major flaw with most existing shakers is tight corners and right angles. As we all know protein powder easily gets stuck and becomes difficult to clean. Due to the design of the Alpha Bottle this cannot happen, not only is it easy to clean but this also produces a smooth mix every time using 100% of your chosen powder.

*Under normal usage conditions when the shaker is constructed in the correct manner and both lids are fully secure. 

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